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Well being Massages

"A body free of tension and fatigue allows us to face all the complexities of life".


Spa et bien-être

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary setting and come and discover the different massages we offer in our Wellness Centre, a veritable paradise for relaxation, unwinding and letting go.

Our team is at your service to make your stay as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.



Our approach combines traditional massage methods with technical techniques tailored to your needs.

Pierres de soins spa Mirepoix

Massages of the World
1 hour 

Californian Massage


Californian massage uses several massage techniques from around the world to create the ultimate relaxing treatment. It consists of fluid, continuous and enveloping movements, long strokes and kneading and gliding movements that can go deep into the tissues. It allows to be released from emotions, and body tensions. It also fights effectively against stress.

Hawaiian Massage

Hawaiian Modeling (or Lomi Lomi) is a legacy of the Polynesians and their healers Masters  uses rhythmic movements to improve the flow of energy. It uses the hands and forearms to create a gentle wave sensation on the body. It is a very enveloping massage.

Tibetan Massage

Originaly from Tibet, this massage comes from the traditional Chinese medicine: Its aim is to restore the balance between mind and body. It combins a skilful blend of digitopressure techniques on the body's main meridians and  energy channels. It is deeply relaxing and relieves a variety of bodily aches and pains. 

Reiki traitement Mirepoix

Signature Massages

Hot Stone Massage


The power of the hot stones was discovered centuries ago by the Amerindians. Made from pure lava or natural basalt stone, hot stones are born from the extreme heat of the earth's magma, then cooled by the brutal force of sea water. Infinitely soft and non-porous, these stones store heat to create a truly incredible effect on the body. It is a soothing and detoxifying massage.

Essential Oils Massage

Powerful natural extracts, essential oils have an extraordinary effect on well-being and beauty. Massage combinated with essential oils allows you to work in depth on relaxation, but also to regain energy and balance in the body. An assessment is carried out at the beginning of the session to target your needs and rule out any contraindications.

Candle massage

In addition to its relaxing properties, candle modelling deeply nourishes the skin and makes it more elastic. Immersed in intoxicated scents and feeling the tuch of wax gliding over the skin, this is a new experience that will appeal to all wellness enthusiasts.

Massage aromathérapie Mirepoix

Expert massages

Foot reflexology 1h


Foot reflexology is an age-old discipline that involves stimulating reflex points on the feet to relieve various ailments. It was practiced in ancient China. Its aim is to activate the body's self-healing. According to foot reflexology, the foot is a miniaturised representation of the human body (each foot has 7200 nerve endings): each area of the foot corresponds to an organ or function of the human body. By manually stimulating these reflex zones, it is possible to act on the organs or functions they represent. This digitopression brings relief the body through the foot.

Shiatsu 1h15

Shiatsu is millennia-old Japanese discipline inspired by traditional Chinese medicine. It is a body technique which aims to act on the circulation of vital energy in areas of the body where it is lacking or in excess. Practised on a person dressed in soft clothing, Shiatsu is a method of digitopression, acting on specific areas of the body such as meridians or acupuncture points, and stretching.

It is often used to relieve stress, relax, make the muscles and skeleton more supple,  stimulate blood circulation and energy flows, etc.

Massage des épaules Mirepoix

Tailor-Made Massages
30 mins

Relaxing back massage


A deep massage to relieve tension in the back area.

Upper body relaxation massage

A massage of the face, chest and scalp for a unique moment of well-being.

Light legs massage

A massage that drains and activates blood circulation to restore comfort and lightness.

Well-being massage and its contraindications*

Wellness massage is totally contraindicated:


- for people suffering from heart problems, circulatory disorders, thrombosis or diseases of the bones or skeleton

- in the case of an advanced stage of cancer or inflammatory disease

- in the event of inflammation of the skin or joints, skin rashes, bruising, sprains, muscle tears, burns, cuts, contusions, etc.

- following surgery less than three months old, recent scars or wounds

- in the event of high fever, infection, nausea or abdominal pain

- in cases of diabetes or varicose veins

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