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Comfort et Nature

Domaine La Belle Histoire is a place steeped in history, at the crossroads of architecture and art. With its unique style, the Domaine La Belle Histoire is first and foremost a warm, friendly place, where an intimate, family atmosphere reigns. 


Immersed in a lush green landscape, Domaine La Belle Histoire offers you an unforgettable experience, where time seems to stand still...

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Our History

Nicknamed "The Castle" by the villagers, the estate made a big impression at the time with its unique look and architecture. But through lack of maintenance, it became worn and faded over the years. When we visited the Domaine for the first time, we immediately fell under the spell of this building, which may be out of date, but has an extraordinary cachet.


We began major renovation work in 2022 to bring it back to life, taking care to preserve the original features (doors, cement tile floors, solid parquet, hand-painted frescoes, etc.) as well as the period furniture.


After months of refurbishment, the Domaine has now been restored to its former charm and family character. The Domaine is now ready to welcome you and offer you moments of joy and enchantment.

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Domaine La Belle Histoire is
2 cottages in a middle-class house in the heart of nature
A wellness center and a Beauty area
Meditation, massages, astrology, yoga, depilations,...
Séminaires Domaine La Belle Histoire
Hosting seminars and training courses

The major renovation work is now partly complete, but the Domaine La Belle Histoire continues to improve ...

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Jardin La Belle Histoire

Our residents

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